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          We show the way to manufacture great products in Asia

          • Prototyping

          We provide customers with the flexibility to order production in low quantities using processes such as CNC machining, vacuum casting with silicone moulds and low volume injection moulds until they are ready for higher volume options.

          • OEM production

          From specific custom build components to final product, assembly and packing. Our team will manage the the requirements to deliver what has been specified by the client. Cost down programs and cross parts evaluation are part of our strength and knowledge.

          • Project Management

          We manage projects by skilled English speaking PM’s which are trained to follow deadline and strict requirements. Our strong advantages can be summarised to: technical understanding, location, commitment.?


          Trovitech quality team manages incoming article inspection, in-process quality control, first article inspection, final inspection and out-of-box audits. We continuously strives for improvement, emphasising on defect prevention to provide full customer satisfaction.

          • FINISHING
          Trovitech provides a variety of personalisation services, including high-quality laser etching, silkscreen, specific material finish and package printing. Mainly tailored to create higher value with lower investment.
          • compliance
          Today’s compliance to different countries requirements are challenges which we ordinarily face and understand. Partnering with certified laboratories and external advisors complement our internal effort in assuring full compliance to fast changing regulations.