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        2. supply chain


          • Sourcing

          Finding and qualifying the right manufacturing solution for specific client requirements, both industrial and consumer. Trovitech helps our customers choose trusted suppliers and manage the product journey.

          • Procurement Operation
          Managing multiple vendors and manufacturing plants. Organising production and monitoring deliveries aiming at reducing time to market.
          • Packing and Fulfilment
          Trovitech has extensive experience in final assembly, customisation and packing to optimise the supply chain service. Consolidating goods from different manufacturing for final assembly and shipment.?
          • Warehousing
          Trovitech enables our customers to maintain inventory in China and deliver goods to worldwide distributors, hubs and retailers.
          • Logistic
          Handling imports and export of goods. Consolidating and managing the requirements of single and multiple shipments.?
          • Distribution
          Own distribution activity for the Asian market based in Hong Kong. Working with strong partners in EMEA and Americas.?